“That Incredible Healing Thing Melissa does…”

This compilation was created in response to requests via Facebook that I share more of “that incredible healing thing that you do”.
Put together by my daughters, aged 11 and 13 years old, these shots are taken from my personal photo library.
Within the slide show are some of the most humble, truly incredible people I’ve had the privilege of working alongside :)
There is so much I can say about this…I’ll let it speak for itself :)
Melissa Hocking Hughes

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From Melissa Hocking Hughes’s personal blog, Melissa’s Musings
The Loudest is often the most Fearful

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Invest in the Lesson in Healing

Physical pain is often the last bastion of communication that there is imbalance in this life of yours. Without exception there is always personal lesson in the physical healing, dawning an even deeper healing for the soul

Physical pain is often the last bastion of communication that there is imbalance in this life of yours. Without exception there is always personal lesson in the physical healing, dawning an even deeper healing for the soul

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Obesity is a Symptom, not a Disease


Yes , you heard me right. I typed it out loud: “Fat.”

Enter my treatment room: My patient hung his head low, looking away from my eyes as he confessed, ” oh…and I smoke too…”

I looked up from his notes, “Do you enjoy smoking?”
His head snapped up, ‘Wha…?”

“Do you enjoy smoking?”

“Well…yeah…” his confusion that I wasn’t chastising him was evident.

I smiled, “You’d have to be an ignoramus to not know its bad for you. Its impossible to not know its bad for your health, isn’t it? These days its slapped in your face from every direction. So its an educated decision to smoke or to continue smoking, right?”


When did the word “fat” become political incorrect? Its just an adjective, a descriptive not a direct insult.

In the past 24 hours I have seen two social media posts that passingly, not at all the focus of the status, mentioned being cramped next to somebody “fat”. An elect few individuals in the threads have conjured up personal insult from the term.

“I have been a victim of obesity all my life and…” (italics are mine ;) )

“I have suffered with being heavy and people using prejudiced terms like this…”
“I take offence that you describe this man that way!…”

“Fat” is not who you are.
It is something your body can become. Even better: it can be changed. You don’t have to be obese.

You are not a “victim of obesity”.

Obesity is symptom not a disease.

If you “suffer” the symptom of obesity, then there will be a cause, an imbalance in your physical system, literally a “dis-ease” that is causing it. Statistics show its most likely an endocrine issue but as unique as you are, so may be the cause of this symptom.

Should obesity be a personal issue for you, seek professional help, alternative, integrative, even allopathic, in finding the cause of the symptom just as you would for any physical issue or ailment. If you wish to be free of it, then take step upon the road to finding solutions to restore balance to your system.

In regard tot he social media posts: anyone that has been on a long flight, cramped next to, or worse blocked in by,  an obese individual spilling well over the tiny confines of their allocated seat can empathise with how uncomfortable it is. Without a doubt it is also uncomfortable for the individual that is obese but it is not the responsibility of society to accommodate them.

It is their own responsibility to accommodate themselves.

No, I did not say it was their fault they were “fat”.

Whether or not someone chooses to stay that way, however, to not take care of the health issue causing their weight problems, that is their responsibility.

Unless, of course, they enjoy it. If they enjoy being that way (highly unlikely given the restricted life that comes with it but you never know) then that is their educated choice.

After all, you’d have to be an ignoramus to not know its bad for you ;)

***no image inserted as it seems too difficult to find an inoffensive one (other than a kitten image which I was then told could still be misconstrued) so…no image


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I won’t be claiming “I love Autism”

As many of you know I am privileged to work with and amongst many beautiful characters that are diagnosed under the Autism Spectrum. I am yet to meet one that isn’t truly an exceptional and astounding individual. I’m also yet to many any two alike, but that’s for another post ;)

I have always seen and known those under the spectrum to be of much higher vibration than the majority of us. Truly they are higher vibrational. I often explain to those I train, when trying to help them understand the angst and self harm many with autism are prone to, that living amongst the consistent lower vibration of most of the inhabitants of this planet is akin to a low, dull, nagging tinnitus for them. A HUGE topic and yes, I will expand on this in another article too.

Recent years has seen a trend toward celebrating autism, lifting it to a status of privilege. A large charity event here in Australia this weekend presents under the banner “Loving Austism”. I have been asked to take part and endorse the event…

You won’t be hearing me claiming a “love” of Autism.
Before you cast sin upon me, understand that my claim is a qualified, far-too-educated claim.

My own son, Jack, falls in the spectrum of Autism.
For seven straight years every single time we went through any check out he would trigger. Every single time. The supermarket, the grocer, the zoo, sporting grounds, at every check out he would scream at the highest pitch he could summon non-stop. His body spasming under the hysteria, he would vomit everywhere. Nothing I tried, no solution or technique aided him.
I’m a single parent. I couldn’t just leave my son at home or in the car.
Seven years. Every single check out.
He would be out of control and I would calmly be talking him through it as I emptied the shopping trolley, chatting to my daughters. The check out attendant in a fearful, frantic sweat and the rest of the shoppers stopping and staring…
One day, more than seven years after it hard started without any explanation, it stopped. Again without any explanation. It has never happened again.

That is just one of his triggers.

As his parent, his guardian, his guide, I live this beside him 24/7. His agonies are my own. My traumas are often not his (we’re often at least consciously in two different places amid the worst of days). Jack is also quadriplegic with cerebral palsy which is a complex addition on our journey.

My boy :)  Jack and his sisters.

My boy :)
Jack and his sisters.

My boy is so gentle and so inexpressibly beautiful.
He is intelligent, a brilliant communicator, has a great sense of humour, a huge love of music and is wonderfully affectionate. I recognise that I may do it easier than many parents that live with this.

You won’t, however, hear me claiming a “love” of autism.
You will not hear me judge any other parent or guardian that feels the same. I will hold their hand, hug them tightly, assist if I can….I live it too.You may, however, hear me condemn anybody that does judge them ;)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my beautiful boy!
I won’t be claiming “I love autism”. I don’t love the challenges and burdens he walks in this life. That is why he will never walk them alone :)


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What beliefs have you had about fractal mathematics vs quantum physics?

Originally posted on biology of belief:

The beliefs we have been living by are wrong. Fractal mathematics says: There is a pattern in the world, and there is a pattern to your evolution. Quantum physics says: Don’t focus on the material, focus on the immaterial realm. Energy is primal. The rule is that if a science on the lower part of the building changes its belief system, every science above that building block must incorporate it. Biology and psychology have not adopted the new understandings of mathematics and physics; they are out of scientific context and no longer scientific. Quantum biology, however, a new science, examines how energy affects biology, and consciousness is that energy. As for psychology, a material psychology based on chemistry and drugs needs to be replaced by energy psychology. We heal ourselves with our thoughts, our mind, our consciousness, which are more powerful than chemistry. It’s the invisible, immaterial realm that’s powerful.

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We Are All Simple Matter under Vibration

We Are All Simple Matter under Vibration

We are all simply matter vibrating at different rates
This morning a gigantic Huntsman spider was terrifying my daughters just by his mere powerful presence (and sprinting about the tall walls toward them).
“Do something, Mum!”
Many of you know I have an extraordinary gift in vibrational healing, which is technically a gift in communication. Thus, I “spoke” to the spider.
Shifting my vibratory rate, lifting my hand up for him, I spoke out loud (for the girls) and said, “You’re up too high, mate. You’ll have to come down lower so I can take you outside. You’ll starve in here.”
He then started walking down the wall toward me (the girls gasping in wonder) then horrified the kids by doing a signature Huntsman jump at me, landing on my forearm. As he walked up my arm to my shoulder, I walked through the house, outside to the garage then picked him carefully up off my shoulder and put him under the eaves.
The girls were amazed,
“Mum, he understood you! How did you do that?!”
We are all simply matter vibrating at different rates.
Can you even begin to imagine the change that could happen when we all learn to shift vibration?!

*image is not the actual spider but gives you a good idea

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