” May Day! “

As One, Let Us Cry Against this Violence “May Day!”

” Any woman, walking alone, is inviting being attacked…”

May 1st.
May Day.
An anniversary for me whereby only few years ago I, myself, cried “May Day” in a last, desperate, death-is-imminent call for help….

View more of this important piece from Melissa’s personal blog, Melissa’s Musings, here;


About Melissa Hocking Hughes

Is now the time for you to experience true health as never before? Can you imagine what it could be to experience life from this whole new perspective? Chaperoned by Melissa Hocking Hughes, anatomical physiologist, bestselling author, originator of quantum bioenergetic facilitation, journey into an anecdotal, somewhat comedic & diverse scientific/spiritual crossover that is QBI Healing's extraordinary healing passage embracing the globe.
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