Your ONLY Opportunity in Australia to train with QBI Healing in 2015

The Healer Within - The Facilitation 2015You already have within you the phenomenal ability to use this unlimited healing gift in QB Healing! Ever evolving, as it should be for anything “quantum” (Don’t get me started on the inappropriate over-use of the term “quantum” in new age modalities!) Utterly fascinating information, tools and instrumental flow in communication, healing process and procedure , creation (manifestation) and, most importantly, Self healing.

You do NOT want to miss this.

The ONLY opportunity to train with myself and QBI Healing in Australia for 2015.
Limited places so in all seriousness, secure your place with us Now.

Register your Interest

Call (03) 9005 8438   Email

About Melissa Hocking Hughes

Is now the time for you to experience true health as never before? Can you imagine what it could be to experience life from this whole new perspective? Chaperoned by Melissa Hocking Hughes, anatomical physiologist, bestselling author, originator of quantum bioenergetic facilitation, journey into an anecdotal, somewhat comedic & diverse scientific/spiritual crossover that is QBI Healing's extraordinary healing passage embracing the globe.
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