The “Age of Empathy” ?

Are we in “the Age of Empathy”? Have we reached such connective depth?
With this popular marketing catch cry “age of empathy” being bandied across the globe, Melissa offers insightful perspective on this topic.
We captured this conversation with Melissa Hocking Hughes on her own balcony at her home. An unexpected capture, the inter-species photobombing, domestic and wild, as she shares this perspective is true to her amazing home.
Come and sit down for a few minutes on the balcony with Melissa…

About Melissa Hocking Hughes

Is now the time for you to experience true health as never before? Can you imagine what it could be to experience life from this whole new perspective? Chaperoned by Melissa Hocking Hughes, anatomical physiologist, bestselling author, originator of quantum bioenergetic facilitation, journey into an anecdotal, somewhat comedic & diverse scientific/spiritual crossover that is QBI Healing's extraordinary healing passage embracing the globe.
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