Seasons Greetings at this Solstice

Melissa‘s 1 minute power message for You
shared from the London stage of Inspire’d Talks 2015 Advent Calendar
Sending our best for you this holiday season. May it be warm, gentle and wonderful.

From the hearts of Melissa, Elaine, Rob, Jainee, Amanda, Stan, Sharon and the incredible team with QBI Healing  

About Melissa Hocking Hughes

Is now the time for you to experience true health as never before? Can you imagine what it could be to experience life from this whole new perspective? Chaperoned by Melissa Hocking Hughes, anatomical physiologist, bestselling author, originator of quantum bioenergetic facilitation, journey into an anecdotal, somewhat comedic & diverse scientific/spiritual crossover that is QBI Healing's extraordinary healing passage embracing the globe.
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One Response to Seasons Greetings at this Solstice

  1. clarecam2014 says:

    Thank you and very much the same to you!!  Clare 

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