About QBI Healing

Learn how to unlock the gift of healing that is already yours.
To experience life from a whole new perspective…

QBI Healing ventures into a pioneering passage of alternative medicine: the use of readily available quantum based frequencies utilized via the established bioenergies of the human anatomy is now enabling for us an exceptional process of healing. There are a number of processes available under this cutting edge work: the Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique™, a nonintrusive and extraordinary form of healing, leading into many specialised areas in healing and communication. And of course The Axial Initiation™ enabling a personal evolution unlike any other.
The results are extraordinary. Healings that until recent times were truly unprecedented. Issues that were considered “permanent”, “terminal” or “chronic” seem to be no longer so.

This work takes us around the globe, from the slums of India to hospital row in New York, and all between, sharing, teaching, and helping people to heal themselves.

I invite you to journey with us here on The Healer Within’s blog. Within you will find answers & information, learning opportunities, laughter and fun, exciting new developments & research, articles, updates and testimonials. Even a little about me 😉
More than that you are offered the opportunity to experience healing as never before… from Within.
All the best,

Melissa Hocking Hughes

2 Responses to About QBI Healing

  1. Melissa Thomas says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I for some reason have a burning desire to learn what you teach.
    I live in the northern suberbs of melbourne, I am a single mum of five children, three girls and one boy, and one adopted daughter. Jewel 7, taliyah 10, Markus 17, Steph 20 and Courtney 20 (adopted). I am also caring for my 10 year olds farther Vince, who is dying from prostate cancer which has gone metestatic. We have rushed to his bedside in ICU about 9 times shaken and traumatized being told to say our goodbyes whilst instubaited with tubes down his throat on life support. I need this ability to help my children and as many others I may also be able to help aswell. As I tend to have a life as a mother/carer, and has been this way it seems most of my life. If you are teaching pleeeese let me know where and when. Love and Light. Mellisa.Thomas. 💖

    • Melissa, I’ve only just seen this! My sincere apologies for my late reply.
      I’m saddened to hear of Vince’s taxing journey.
      The website has details and our communication details http://www.qbihealing.com.
      While its not officially on the site yet I can tell you it looks like the next course available will be in July in Melbourne.
      May this help you. MHH

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